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Happy New Year

Meanwhile… at the North Pole.

The pictures really are startling. A camera that is permanently stationed at the North Pole shows a lake appearing where it is usually snow, all year round. Click here to see the pictures and accompanying article.

Not really into car culture but this concept car from the Paris Auto show is an eye catcher. A great combination of retro and modern.


The corn this summer was disappointing. I ate some anyway.  

The Seahawks look good this year

I’m a life long fan of sports but football, the North American variety, is down on my list of favorites to watch. I used watch more and enjoyed it but the appeal and the amount of time that devote to watching sports has diminished so I rarely watch the game now. My current sports viewing […]

A cool guy with a cool job and cool van.

Quetico Provincial Park straddles the U.S./Canadian border in North Western Ontario and is a two hour drive Westward from Thunder Bay, Ontario. It is designated as a Provincial Park but is not fully funded by the province relying on donation and grants to the Friends of Quetico to exist. Like all of Canada’s Provincial Parks […]

groovy in good way


I received some horrible news yesterday. My mother called and I could tell that something had happened by the tone of her voice, I just didn’t know who it had happened to. I was shocked to find out that my third cousin, Sawyer had passed away. Surprising because he was in his twenties and also […]