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change is good

I’ve been buying cd’s for many years. Just like you, I made the transition from vinyl begrudgingly but quickly got over it, enjoying the ease of use, handling and cleaner sounding music that’s is stored digitally on a shiny plastic disc. I didn’t abandon my older and rather large collection of vinyl but over the […]

book of life

Kind of trippy and and quite an honour having someone write a book about your life. Technically, Chris Walter‘s latest, SNFU… What No One Else Wanted To Say is not just about me but being a co-founder and spending over 20 years being part of Snfu, it feels like it. Spending time with Chris on […]

Refused are not dead.

  Sometime around 1998 when the band I was part of for most of my life was with the Epitaph label. Label rep and all around cool guy Jeff Abarta handed me a copy of Refuseds’ land mark album The Shape of Punk to Come. From the first listen I was hooked by all the […]

Check out A-Trak

Mr. Rogers 2.0

I saw links to this video a day ago but paid no attention because of preconceived notions, perhaps. The internet provides an endless stream of people editing and adding to things to get attention. Sometimes it’s great and sometimes not. As I prepared for work today I finally checked it out because of the virility […]

great little toy

It looks a little like a science fair project, but I like that. This 4093-based electronic noise maker uses three oscillators, five knobs, eight switches, and one push button to output everything from light, Mario-esque beeps and bloops to grinding, NIN-style growls. As for the low-rent looks? They just add to the charm. The Noise […]

Adam Yauch

  I was saddened to hear of the passing of Beastie Boy Adam Yauch. I was at work hosting top 40 radio when I read the news via Twitter. At different points in my life the Beastie Boys were my favorite band. The first time I heard them was when I was on tour with […]

Danger Mouse production. Fun video.

The artist in the photo below is Electric Guest. They’re all new to me but the musics’ producer Danger Mouse is not. I just randomly stumbled upon their very fun video. Share, share, sugar bear.  

99 problems but this ain’t one

I don’t really follow basketball that closely.  In the last few years I’ve probably spent more time listening to Jay-Z who is minority owner of the NBA, New Jersey Nets, than watching hoops. With Their playoffs dreams crushed for this year, Jay-Z and his Nets have unveiled the logo that will follow them to Brooklyn. […]

He’s back?

The Coachella Festival in Palm Springs, California has become perhaps, the premier festival event for music lovers in the past few years. The biggest artists, the hottest up and comers and as of the last few years usually an incredible reuniting of a band that everyone used to love. Unfortunately I’ve only been able to […]