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A new home.

My latest transition is beginning to feel like it’s almost complete. After living in Thunder Bay, Ontario for almost three years I find myself living in my fourth city in approximately five years. Unlike my moves to Smithers, B.C. and Thunder Bay I actually feel at home within the first month of moving here. This […]


book of life

Kind of trippy and and quite an honour having someone write a book about your life. Technically, Chris Walter‘s latest, SNFU… What No One Else Wanted To Say is not just about me but being a co-founder and spending over 20 years being part of Snfu, it feels like it. Spending time with Chris on […]

Man has always dreamed of flying like a bird.

“Jetman” Yves Rossy continues to push the limits of what humans can do. The first clips I saw of him he was base jumping and using a special suit to glide horizontally. As close to flying as a human can get. He now has some jet power and the results are thrilling.