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This is a brand new runner from Vans.

It’s true, Vans will release this as part of a series called, Overwashed that will be released for the Spring/Summer of 2014. If you can’t wait maybe start dumpster diving in Santa Monica.  

The new groovy.

Modern tie dye looks pretty amazing when it’s done by these two.

great little toy

It looks a little like a science fair project, but I like that. This 4093-based electronic noise maker uses three oscillators, five knobs, eight switches, and one push button to output everything from light, Mario-esque beeps and bloops to grinding, NIN-style growls. As for the low-rent looks? They just add to the charm. The Noise […]

99 problems but this ain’t one

I don’t really follow basketball that closely.  In the last few years I’ve probably spent more time listening to Jay-Z who is minority owner of the NBA, New Jersey Nets, than watching hoops. With Their playoffs dreams crushed for this year, Jay-Z and his Nets have unveiled the logo that will follow them to Brooklyn. […]