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Years In The Making

  Very neglected but now retooled is now a thing again. I’m looking forward to using this site as for posting information about music that I’m involved in and maybe other things. Maybe. That’s a picture form our drive down the Glacier Parkway last Summer.

A new home.

My latest transition is beginning to feel like it’s almost complete. After living in Thunder Bay, Ontario for almost three years I find myself living in my fourth city in approximately five years. Unlike my moves to Smithers, B.C. and Thunder Bay I actually feel at home within the first month of moving here. This […]

change is good

I’ve been buying cd’s for many years. Just like you, I made the transition from vinyl begrudgingly but quickly got over it, enjoying the ease of use, handling and cleaner sounding music that’s is stored digitally on a shiny plastic disc. I didn’t abandon my older and rather large collection of vinyl but over the […]

A new Original Hockey Punk podcast is ready for you.

Superior View from the Control Room

The view of Lake Superior and the Sibley Peninsula or “Sleeping Giant” Provincial Park from the Magic Control Room. This is why mornings are magic (99.9).

Voyageur Winter Carnival

Good times tubing, dog sledding, pea soup, muskets and maple syrup in the snow at the Voyageur Winter Carnival – 1 more day

On Location in TBay

On location for The Peak in Smithers

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