Mr. Rogers 2.0

I saw links to this video a day ago but paid no attention because of preconceived notions, perhaps. The internet provides an endless stream of people editing and adding to things to get attention. Sometimes it’s great and sometimes not. As I prepared for work today I finally checked it out because of the virility and was surprised.

New music and crafty editing of signature footage from the classic PBS children’s show Mr. Rogers Neighborhood enhances the legacy of Mr. Rogers and makes every warm, positive message that the cardigan king would dish out on his show shine. I generally avoided Mr. Rogers Neighborhood because my family didn’t get the show until I was old enough to think it was just, super nerdy. I love how this modernization brings out the positivity of his every message, telling kids to be curious and use their imagination. It’s brilliant and beautiful. Not surprising that the network that owns the rights to everything Mr. Rogers gave this a thumbs up.

This clip

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