Quetico Provincial Park straddles the U.S./Canadian border in North Western Ontario and is a two hour drive Westward from Thunder Bay, Ontario. It is designated as a Provincial Park but is not fully funded by the province relying on donation and grants to the Friends of Quetico to exist. Like all of Canada’s Provincial Parks were lucky that it does. For those who enjoy a multi day canoe trip it is a mecca, designated as one of North Americas top destinations for such things by Lonely Planet. No power boats or engines are allowed on the many lakes situated within the park. Quetico has generous amount of beautiful spots for camping, that are never full and I was lucky enough to spend the last three weekends visiting Jen there as she did a two week stay as their Artist in Residence.

My Canada Day started off with a very Canadian, morning canoe trip on French Lake paddling into a grassy tributary hoping to see the beaver that was resident. We didn’t see the beaver but played “spot the Loon” drifting on calm waters as a lone Loon would dive into the lake and resurface minutes later at a seemingly impossible distance away. As I always say, there is nothing more beautiful than nature. Here are some perspectives of French Lake from the Artists Residence. Remember to never paddle alone, especially if you have your iphone with you and, Happy Canada Day, eh!


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