Refused are not dead.


Sometime around 1998 when the band I was part of for most of my life was with the Epitaph label. Label rep and all around cool guy Jeff Abarta handed me a copy of Refuseds’ land mark album The Shape of Punk to Come. From the first listen I was hooked by all the hooks, energy & creative spirit of the music. An instant all around classic.

Refused didn’t last very long before splitting after one very disenchanting tour of the U.S..

Speed forward to 2012 when I receive a facebook message from my friend Trevor asking if I’d like to use one of his tickets to see Refused play with another favorite of mine OFF! in his home town of Toronto. An hour later I booked my plane ticket.

The show at Toronto’s Sound Academy was everything I was hoping to witness. I expected nothing less from Swedes. Tight band, great production, energetic, anxious fans. All pretty amazing and worth the 20 year wait. Life is good.

Here’s a amazing clip from their show the night before in Montreal.  

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