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Kind of trippy and and quite an honour having someone write a book about your life. Technically, Chris Walter‘s latest, SNFU… What No One Else Wanted To Say is not just about me but being a co-founder and spending over 20 years being part of Snfu, it feels like it. Spending time with Chris on the phone rehashing every aspect of my time in Snfu wasn’t easy. It was difficult for me to remember many details of early tours although when talking to my brother Brent, about aspects of our history, more details were remembered. It was also difficult to be reminded of the constant dysfunctionality and mistakes we made along the way.

I’m disappointed that Chris never made an effort to talk to me in person and other members at the same time. Having that occur during the writing process would have made for some better reading. I’ve read drafts but have yet to read the final completed product. The only part of the actual book I have read so far is the period after I left. I was very curious to find out details of what has been happening because I haven’t talked to or been contacted by Chi or anyone involved with the current lineup or management since I decided to move on.

What No One Else Wanted To Say, is not the complete story. Not everyone, including me (i was no angel) were completely open about their behavior and things that happened in the many years we toured and recorded.

I’m pretty sure that Snfu is still around and for the record I’m not thrilled about Chi continuing the band, who’s legacy I worked hard at maintaining creatively and as a manager for many years only to be disregarded. I’ve accepted it though as I never expected anything but I would have appreciated Chi to call me personally and telling me of his intentions.

So, it is what it is. I loved playing music with Chi, still proud of what we created and am thankful to Chris for putting so much effort into documenting it.

You can buy the book here. In the photo I show the limited edition cover and the standard.

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