The Seahawks look good this year

I’m a life long fan of sports but football, the North American variety, is down on my list of favorites to watch. I used watch more and enjoyed it but the appeal and the amount of time that devote to watching sports has diminished so I rarely watch the game now. My current sports viewing pecking order is now something like this…

1) NHL hockey, unless there are game lost to any sort of labour dispute. I have decided to boycott the NHL and anything to do with it for a whole season if any games are missed this year.

2) English Premier League Football. The last few years has seen my favorite professional football league get more competitive with at least 5 teams with a legitimate shot at the Championship. I’m also delighted that Robert Van Persie, the leagues top scorer last season with Arsenal is now with Manchester United.

3) Major League Baseball. I don’t like many things that have happened with MLB under commisioner Bud Selig (ignoring the steroid issue & expanding the playoff format) but I still like it especially at playoff time when the importance of every inning and then every pitch, is magnified. An impossible season for my Blue Jays this year with so many injuries. The Jays need to have a “perfect” season to make the playoffs in their division and this year has been incredibly frustrating. At least there are some good excuses this season.

4) The Canadian Football League. If I have to watch football I’ll support the CFL because it’s Canadian and I think the 3 down game makes for more exciting football. I only really start tuning in to the NFL around playoff time now & but I have to say, those new Seahawks unis look bad ass.



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