change is good


I’ve been buying cd’s for many years. Just like you, I made the transition from vinyl begrudgingly but quickly got over it, enjoying the ease of use, handling and cleaner sounding music that’s is stored digitally on a shiny plastic disc. I didn’t abandon my older and rather large collection of vinyl but over the years, I’ve been slowly getting rid of pieces here and there.

The main impetus for the purge of my cd’s is another (possible) long distance move and the evolution of my listening habits. Theses days I’m more than happy to listen to one of many online music programmers-radio stations from Europe & online stations that cater to specific genres of music. There are so many now that you can truly listen to focused collections from random artists of any genre, anytime from one stream. One of my greatest joys when listening to music is the discovery, hearing something that grabs my ears and instigates my brain to do some processing , making me curious enough to find out more about the artist. Listening to these stations allows me to just let it happen.

Surprisingly perhaps, I’m hanging on to some of my vinyl. I am weeding that garden though. The majority of what I’m keeping is my punk rock albums that mean more to me and are harder to find these days.

Thank you cd’s, it was nice to know you. I’m sure we will cross paths again here and there but I’m not sure I’ll invite you to stay over.



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