A new home.


My latest transition is beginning to feel like it’s almost complete.

After living in Thunder Bay, Ontario for almost three years I find myself living in my fourth city in approximately five years. Unlike my moves to Smithers, B.C. and Thunder Bay I actually feel at home within the first month of moving here. This is not that surprising as I lived in Vancouver for almost twenty years and geographically speaking. Victoria is pretty much the same as Vancouver with the exception of sunlight. Apparently Victoria gets 28 more days of sunshine every year. Nice. As compared to my last to homes Victoria is culturally rich with all sorts of great restaurants, coffee shops, micro breweries, music venues and other forms of original art. In all fairness to Smithers and T-Bay, Victoria has a much larger population which naturally creates these kind of amenities.

Also, for the first time in over five years I am in the same city as family, some of which, by sheer coincidence live five blocks away. Being so near to any sort of family is something that I didn’t appreciate the value of until I didn’t have it-for way too long.

Life is getting better and changing forever in about a week or sooner, or later. Jen and I feel like we’re gearing up for our own version of a Super Bowl weekend. Pretty sure were going to win. Blessed.

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