Marc Belke, is veteran musician.

Marc has played thousands of shows nationally and internationally with his former band SNFU before changing gears and diving into focusing on song-writing and solo projects.

mb6bwAs a musician, Marc has written and performed on 13 albums and had a hand in creating what is now the alternative music scene in Western Canada. Some highlights of his musical career include, extensive touring with Bad Religion and touring with future Rock and Roll Hall of Famers, Green Day. Working relentlessly as a touring musician allowed Marc to meet and play with some of his musical heroes like The Clash, The Dead Kennedy’s, Fear and Bad Brains to name a few.

Marc discovered music by listening to the radio. He remembers playing air guitar to the songs on the radio then taping shows on cassette tapes to listen to later. It’s what inspired him to write, record and, at times, broadcast music.

Marc looks forward to continuing the journey, communicating to audiences through words and music.

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