The corn this summer was disappointing.

I ate some anyway.


The Seahawks look good this year

I’m a life long fan of sports but football, the North American variety, is down on my list of favorites to watch. I used watch more and enjoyed it but the appeal and the amount of time that devote to watching sports has diminished so I rarely watch the game now. My current sports viewing pecking order is now something like this…

1) NHL hockey, unless there are game lost to any sort of labour dispute. I have decided to boycott the NHL and anything to do with it for a whole season if any games are missed this year.

2) English Premier League Football. The last few years has seen my favorite professional football league get more competitive with at least 5 teams with a legitimate shot at the Championship. I’m also delighted that Robert Van Persie, the leagues top scorer last season with Arsenal is now with Manchester United.

3) Major League Baseball. I don’t like many things that have happened with MLB under commisioner Bud Selig (ignoring the steroid issue & expanding the playoff format) but I still like it especially at playoff time when the importance of every inning and then every pitch, is magnified. An impossible season for my Blue Jays this year with so many injuries. The Jays need to have a “perfect” season to make the playoffs in their division and this year has been incredibly frustrating. At least there are some good excuses this season.

4) The Canadian Football League. If I have to watch football I’ll support the CFL because it’s Canadian and I think the 3 down game makes for more exciting football. I only really start tuning in to the NFL around playoff time now & but I have to say, those new Seahawks unis look bad ass.



book of life

Kind of trippy and and quite an honour having someone write a book about your life. Technically, Chris Walter‘s latest, SNFU… What No One Else Wanted To Say is not just about me but being a co-founder and spending over 20 years being part of Snfu, it feels like it. Spending time with Chris on the phone rehashing every aspect of my time in Snfu wasn’t easy. It was difficult for me to remember many details of early tours although when talking to my brother Brent, about aspects of our history, more details were remembered. It was also difficult to be reminded of the constant dysfunctionality and mistakes we made along the way.

I’m disappointed that Chris never made an effort to talk to me in person and other members at the same time. Having that occur during the writing process would have made for some better reading. I’ve read drafts but have yet to read the final completed product. The only part of the actual book I have read so far is the period after I left. I was very curious to find out details of what has been happening because I haven’t talked to or been contacted by Chi or anyone involved with the current lineup or management since I decided to move on.

What No One Else Wanted To Say, is not the complete story. Not everyone, including me (i was no angel) were completely open about their behavior and things that happened in the many years we toured and recorded.

I’m pretty sure that Snfu is still around and for the record I’m not thrilled about Chi continuing the band, who’s legacy I worked hard at maintaining creatively and as a manager for many years only to be disregarded. I’ve accepted it though as I never expected anything but I would have appreciated Chi to call me personally and telling me of his intentions.

So, it is what it is. I loved playing music with Chi, still proud of what we created and am thankful to Chris for putting so much effort into documenting it.

You can buy the book here. In the photo I show the limited edition cover and the standard.

Refused are not dead.


Sometime around 1998 when the band I was part of for most of my life was with the Epitaph label. Label rep and all around cool guy Jeff Abarta handed me a copy of Refuseds’ land mark album The Shape of Punk to Come. From the first listen I was hooked by all the hooks, energy & creative spirit of the music. An instant all around classic.

Refused didn’t last very long before splitting after one very disenchanting tour of the U.S..

Speed forward to 2012 when I receive a facebook message from my friend Trevor asking if I’d like to use one of his tickets to see Refused play with another favorite of mine OFF! in his home town of Toronto. An hour later I booked my plane ticket.

The show at Toronto’s Sound Academy was everything I was hoping to witness. I expected nothing less from Swedes. Tight band, great production, energetic, anxious fans. All pretty amazing and worth the 20 year wait. Life is good.

Here’s a amazing clip from their show the night before in Montreal.  

A cool guy with a cool job and cool van.

Check out A-Trak

A new Original Hockey Punk podcast is ready for you.

Quetico Provincial Park straddles the U.S./Canadian border in North Western Ontario and is a two hour drive Westward from Thunder Bay, Ontario. It is designated as a Provincial Park but is not fully funded by the province relying on donation and grants to the Friends of Quetico to exist. Like all of Canada’s Provincial Parks were lucky that it does. For those who enjoy a multi day canoe trip it is a mecca, designated as one of North Americas top destinations for such things by Lonely Planet. No power boats or engines are allowed on the many lakes situated within the park. Quetico has generous amount of beautiful spots for camping, that are never full and I was lucky enough to spend the last three weekends visiting Jen there as she did a two week stay as their Artist in Residence.

My Canada Day started off with a very Canadian, morning canoe trip on French Lake paddling into a grassy tributary hoping to see the beaver that was resident. We didn’t see the beaver but played “spot the Loon” drifting on calm waters as a lone Loon would dive into the lake and resurface minutes later at a seemingly impossible distance away. As I always say, there is nothing more beautiful than nature. Here are some perspectives of French Lake from the Artists Residence. Remember to never paddle alone, especially if you have your iphone with you and, Happy Canada Day, eh!


groovy in good way