I received some horrible news yesterday. My mother called and I could tell that something had happened by the tone of her voice, I just didn’t know who it had happened to. I was shocked to find out that my third cousin, Sawyer had passed away. Surprising because he was in his twenties and also because he was always enthusiastic when we talked. I had heard at first that he had taken his own life but now is being ruled as accidental. I still don’t know the official cause.

Sad for me because I really liked him and had started to connect with him the last few years and was excited about seeing him again one day. He was a photographer and was living in Arizona. You can see his work, which is now part of his legacy here.



Kings are kings

It only took them 45 years but the Los Angeles Kings finally won the Stanley Cup. The two remaining current NHL teams suffering with longest “cup drought” are the St. Louis Blues and Toronto Maple Leafs.

This years Kings are a likeable team. Underdogs only because the were the last team to make the playoffs their honorable, stingy style of hockey anchored by Jonathan Quick’s incredible goaltending made it possible for them to have one of the most dominant playoff runs in Cup history.

When I think of the Kings I think about the Marcel Dionne poster that my twin brother Brent used to have hanging in our bedroom growing up in Edmonton. Marcel Dionne was then main guy for the Kings in the lean, pre Gretzky years, from 1975 to 1987. Marcel played 18 years without ever winning Stanley but I’m sure he’s pretty happy about Los Angeles’s first ever Stanley Cup.

Mr. Rogers 2.0

I saw links to this video a day ago but paid no attention because of preconceived notions, perhaps. The internet provides an endless stream of people editing and adding to things to get attention. Sometimes it’s great and sometimes not. As I prepared for work today I finally checked it out because of the virility and was surprised.

New music and crafty editing of signature footage from the classic PBS children’s show Mr. Rogers Neighborhood enhances the legacy of Mr. Rogers and makes every warm, positive message that the cardigan king would dish out on his show shine. I generally avoided Mr. Rogers Neighborhood because my family didn’t get the show until I was old enough to think it was just, super nerdy. I love how this modernization brings out the positivity of his every message, telling kids to be curious and use their imagination. It’s brilliant and beautiful. Not surprising that the network that owns the rights to everything Mr. Rogers gave this a thumbs up.

This clip

great little toy

It looks a little like a science fair project, but I like that. This 4093-based electronic noise maker uses three oscillators, five knobs, eight switches, and one push button to output everything from light, Mario-esque beeps and bloops to grinding, NIN-style growls. As for the low-rent looks? They just add to the charm. The Noise Hero ($90)


Adam Yauch


I was saddened to hear of the passing of Beastie Boy Adam Yauch. I was at work hosting top 40 radio when I read the news via Twitter. At different points in my life the Beastie Boys were my favorite band. The first time I heard them was when I was on tour with Snfu and we were playing shows with Boston’s Gang Green. They were covering Fight for Your Right (To Party)”  and we were asking each other “what song is this?’ We sort of knew but no one did for sure. It would only be a few weeks before everyone in the World knew that song and the band that did it.

A year or two later my twin brother and I recruited our friend s to make a “fuck band” called the Belke Boys. We played mostly Beastie Boys with some lyrics changed to reference doughnuts and what not. I finally got to see the Beastie Boys for the first time around 1992, in Vancouver playing with Sonic Youth when they were on tour for the Check Your Head album. I was excited to see them but surprised at how star struck I was when they hit the stage. The next time I saw them was on the Hello Nasty Tour around 1998 at the PNE in Vancouver with Tribe Called Quest. Tribe sounded terrible, Beasties didn’t. It was one of the best shows I have ever seen.

Adam just like the other guys seemed very likeable but Adam connection to Buddhism and his well known fight for Tibetan rights seemed to show he was special. After work on the day I heard of his passing I threw on Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds of Science and read about the songs as I listened. The song Sure Shot stood out. As “Bodhisattva Vow” played I read Adams words about his initial steps into Buddhism including a trip to see the Dalai Lama and cried. The World is always a lesser place when we lose super creative, loving people. I can only hope that he inspires others, like myself to live honorably, creatively & thankful. Thanks Adam Yauch.

Danger Mouse production. Fun video.

The artist in the photo below is Electric Guest. They’re all new to me but the musics’ producer Danger Mouse is not. I just randomly stumbled upon their very fun video. Share, share, sugar bear.


99 problems but this ain’t one

I don’t really follow basketball that closely.  In the last few years I’ve probably spent more time listening to Jay-Z who is minority owner of the NBA, New Jersey Nets, than watching hoops. With Their playoffs dreams crushed for this year, Jay-Z and his Nets have unveiled the logo that will follow them to Brooklyn. Apparently designed by Jay-Z himself it looks like something that Pd @ Skull Skates would design if he owned the team. Simplistic in both design and color – it utilizes a black and white scheme paired with drawn basketball and team name – the logo has an old-school vibe to it and was inspired by the New York city subway signs from 1957. I like it. Simple is usually better. Just ask PD.

Man has always dreamed of flying like a bird.

Jetman” Yves Rossy continues to push the limits of what humans can do. The first clips I saw of him he was base jumping and using a special suit to glide horizontally. As close to flying as a human can get. He now has some jet power and the results are thrilling.

He’s back?

The Coachella Festival in Palm Springs, California has become perhaps, the premier festival event for music lovers in the past few years. The biggest artists, the hottest up and comers and as of the last few years usually an incredible reuniting of a band that everyone used to love. Unfortunately I’ve only been able to watch the preceding from afar. It would be great t o attend one year.

While waking up this morning read about Snoop Dog, Dre, Whiz & Eminem performing with a holograph of the late Tupac Shakur. In a moment of cross continent psyche my friend Brad sent me a link for me to check out the very event. It’s cool and creepy at the same time. Mind blowing stuff I’m sure for a hardcore Tupac fan. It makes me wonder if this is the future of music. Artists will never die continuing to preform their biggest hits as holograms. I wouldn’t be surprised.